Parent Participation

We have a vision - and you're in it!!

Parents are a vital pillar in the cultural strength of the Ballarat Steiner School and Kindergarten. They participate in the life of the school in many very important ways that include:

  • Parents are members of the governing body and its various subcommittees and guide the overall running of the school from this important perspective.
  • Parents participate in the education of children in many vital ways, including:
  • Attending class meetings each term to learn about the programme their child/ren is/are undertaking
  • Attending parent - teacher interviews twice per year to discuss the specific progress of their child/ren
  • Assisting in a range of class activities from attending camps and excursions to assisting with reading, craft and sport activities.
  • Parents help at regular class working bees, taking on specific projects as a class to improve the amenity and beauty of the school site.
  • Parents organise and collectively run our annual Autumn Fair, the single major fundraising activity of the school.

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