The Ballarat Steiner School and Kindergarten is maintained legally by an Incorporated Association limited by guarantee. The Ballarat Steiner School and Kindergarten Incorporated A0017701F. All fee paying families are automatically members. Other persons who apply, and are approved for membership are eligible to be a member of the Association on payment of the entrance fee and annual subscription.

The Annual General Meeting shall be held at least 5 months after the end of the financial year (December 31st). It is normally the last Wednesday in May at 7.00pm

School Structure

The Ballarat Steiner School, kindergarten and playgroup is governed by the Committee of Management whohave responsibility to plan, direct and achieve the Association’s purposes as set out in the constitution.

The members of the Committee of Management includes two ongoing teaching staff members nominated by the College of Teachers, The School Business Manager and two parent members.  From May 2017 ,  the Committee is composed of Ines Kallweit as Chairperson,  Louise Cheslett - Secretary, Public Officer and Business Manager,  Svantje Mertens, College Representative and Educational Facilitator, John Goble, College Representative and College Chair, Rachel Colvin,  Tony Hood and Rick Ford as invited Members.

The College of Teachers comprises the central education committee of the school and consists of selected teaching staff that are committed to the principles of Rudolf Steiner education. They are responsible for guiding the educational direction and development of the School to achieve approved programmes for preschool and school age children in accordance with the vision of the school within the spirit of Anthroposophy and the principles and methods of Dr. Rudolf Steiner.  The College of Teachers comprises  Svantje Mertens, Lisa Hylan, Kate Jones, Ambika Bone, Jane Evans, John Goble with Louise Cheslett in attendance.

The association also relies on the voluntary efforts of parents and friends to support the school in fundraising, social events and promotion of the school, kindergarten and playgroup.  This plays a vital role in the community.