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Our Mission & Essential Purpose

We are committed to the development of an educational journey, based on the principles of Rudolf Steiner, which will further the growth and nourishment of students and our entire community.

To educate our children to:

  • Nurture and encourage a strong sense of self and sense of responsibility towards the world;

  • Give them the foundation to realise their destiny;

  • Be the best adults they can be and do what they need to in order to meet the challenges of the future.

  • To provide for:

  • Social, academic, emotional, and physical education of the children;

  • Rounded holistic development of the children – our basis for this is the picture of development given to us by Rudolf Steiner and elaborated in Steiner schools around the world since his time;

  • Foster a life-long love of, and a capacity for, learning.

  • Our purpose is to:

  • Provide education of the whole child;

  • Support development of strong, individual, imaginative, creative, and socially responsible children and adults;

  • Nurture families and community.

Our Values

Values are the core of the school’s being; they tell the “how” of what we do, and underpin our policies, processes, and vision for the future. Our values also determine how we interact with each other, and the broader community and environment.

We value an education that is:


We value the developmental picture of human consciousness given as a basis for this education by Rudolf Steiner. We believe children need to play, to be part of nature, and to enjoy a time free from the early commercialisation of childhood. We understand that a healthy childhood provides the foundation for ongoing well being in later life.


We value this uniquely balanced education which integrates academic excellence with practical learning and creative and performing arts. This nurtures the development of clear thinking and sensitivity in feeling, and the ability to carry these thoughts and feelings into action.


We value the unique spiritual nature of every child, recognising that each is on an individual journey of biographical development. We appreciate the diversity of beliefs and experiences that each individual brings to our community, and encourage collaboration over competition as the basis for both individual achievement and community harmony.


We value a shared creative journey in learning that brings together child, family, and teacher. We value curiosity, imagination, beauty, and wonder, and strive to protect these qualities as part of a lifelong love of learning.


Steiner education develops skills, knowledge and values that promote behaviour in support of a sustainable environment. We acknowledge humanity’s interdependence with the future of the natural world. We aim to work in harmony with the forces of nature in a creative and collaborative manner, continuing the traditions of Rudolf Steiner’s sustainable agricultural traditions (biodynamics), and working to foster respect for self, others and the environment.