Each year, we hold various fairs and festivals to celebrate the changing of the seasons. Seasonal festivals serve to connect humanity with the rhythms of nature and the cosmos. We celebrate the major Christian festivals of Christmas and Easter, the summer and winter solstices, as well as other festivals relevant to the locality. 

These festivals provide an opportunity for participation of the whole school community. There is joy in the preparation, the anticipation and the celebration itself. The activities, songs and rhymes used in class also relate to the seasons.

See our Calendar for festival dates.

Autumn Harvest FestivalAutumn Festival

Sees a bounteous gathering of mother nature’s treasures and the celebration of the “Michaelic” spirit as we move into the cooler months. This year the festival was held in the week before the school holidays and the children and their families had a magical time.

Winter Festival

The decorated lanterns that the children have prepared in anticipation of the Winter Festival are carried through the darkness to a special place where a candle-lit spiral emerges, to light and spirits as the school community celebrates the winter journey.

Spring Festival

The Spring Festival is celebrated with colour and dancing. This cheerful event sees the children weaving wreaths of delicate flowers to wear in their hair and gives the upper primary children an opportunity to share their recorder playing with the whole school community as we dance and weave mysterious patterns on the Spring-time maypole.

Christmas Festival

The Christmas Festival celebrate this wonderful time of year, often with the telling of the story of the birth of Jesus. It is a time for families in the school community to connect and celebrate the year that has passed.